The full Board of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON), Nigeria’s biggest copyright collective management organization, rose from a meeting held at the Boardroom of COSON House in Ikeja on June 14, 2022, with a decision to publicly express the appreciation of the society to the Honourable Judges of the Federal High Court of Nigeria for the back-to-back-to-back victories of COSON at the various divisions of the court.

The Board observed that but for the decisions of those distinguished Judges of the Federal High Court who remain committed to truth and justice, COSON, an inimitable pan Nigerian organization that has become the nation’s most formidable agent of strength, unity, progress and growth for the creative industry in Nigeria would since have been wickedly crushed and put out of existence.

According to the Board, the rapacious scammers and marauders, in and out of government, who have committed themselves to seize or destroy every good institution in Nigeria and leave the young people of Nigeria with no future and nothing to be proud of, have targeted COSON for seizure or destruction and in recent years, have deployed every dubious tactic, including rabid defamation, lawless freezing of accounts and unexplainable deployment of the nation’s security agencies to harass and torture the staff and leadership of COSON with the intention of grinding its lawful operations to a halt.

The meeting resolved that COSON members across the country, COSON partners across the world and the general public be informed that the determination of COSON to protect and defend the rights of its members and affiliates within the law, remains iron-clad and solid and that COSON will not waiver in the pursuit of justice. The Board restated its commitment to making certain that every naira of royalty owed the members of COSON is collected and distributed appropriately and transparently.

It called on members of COSON everywhere to continue to pray for the divine protection of those judges in Nigeria who despite the enormous challenges and pressure which they face, are determined to continue to do justice for the restoration and well-being of the Nigerian nation.


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