There is something we can all learn from the spider known as the Spider Web Mentality to building sustainable wealth.

The spider needs insects to feed and nourish itself. To maximize its opportunity, the spider spends time building a web that traps insects regularly and he then can have as much as it needs to service its appetite.

Many people have been taught to chase money while the wealthy spend their time building systems that catch money.

Those who have learnt this secret rather than chase opportunities around, spend their time building assests that catches and traps opportunities for them.

Most of the things people learn through structured education is how to catch money and that is why they depend mostly on paychecks.

Someone said that salary is the bribe you are given to forget your dreams.

What assests are you building today that will trap and catch wealth and opportunities limitlessly for you?

There are tangible and intangible assests. You can build your internal capacity and capability to a level that you will nearly become indispensable within the systems you operate.

That is why when you are younger invest in yourself. Find that thing which you are good at, learn to become an expert in it. Find a mentor who is hugely successful in that area.

Be patient enough to build yourself to an expert level. If possible be the best at what you do, that will become a web that will trap all recommendations and opportunities in that sphere for you.

Once a need for your competence arises, you will have the right of first refusal. Sometimes no matter how people hate you or dispise you they cannot help but still need your services.

Your spider web can also be tangible assests, those investments you make that have the capacity to keep yielding returns limitlessly.

Imbibe the culture of delayed gratification. Learn to deny yourself certain unnecessary pleasures today for tomorrow’s benefit.

Some people tell you enjoy today for tomorrow you die, life can only be lived once. Be careful how you understand that line, it has ruined many and turned them to perpectual beggers.

Know that you can build from the little drops that come your way till you have a reservoir of resources that will be enough for your needs.

You know that hardly will an insect trapped in a spider web escape. Some are choked in their efforts to free themselves from the tricky grip of the web. Once you build your web properly, you lock down opportunities that can hardly escape your use and control.

Many successful businessmen and women know this secret, they spend time building competence, capacity and develop a web that locks down certain clients permanently for them.

Learn from the spider, spend much of your early day’s energy building webs that can trap resources and wealth for you so that when you become weak which is the way of all mankind, you will not be in the rat race for survival.


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