Some years ago, I designed a signature program for “creating success on your terms” called The BRAG Factor.’

This methodology includes 4 action strategies from the source word – BRAG – in my company name, broken down to different action processes.


Action Strategy 3: (A)LIGN focuses on how to arrange or position yourself in a way that takes you from where you are currently to where you want to be.

A – Ask:

Learn how to ask for help or support, ask questions, ask to be invited, ask for opportunities. Ask for information. If you don’t ask, the answer is already no. However, there are ways to ask in a respectful way that supports your alignment and positions you to achieve your highest goals without diminishing your self-respect.

In 2016, I wrote an eBook called “The Ask Manual” teaching people ‘when’ and ‘how’ to ask to get a “Yes”.

L- Leverage:

Learning how to use something you already have to achieve something new, bigger or better. Try leveraging your opportunities, access, resources, contacts, information, influence, finance and success for maximum advantage. Leverage your results, your gifts and talents. Find the interrelationships between the different projects you have or the people you know and connect the dots so you can amplify your desired results.

I- Identify:

Identify your value. Understand what makes you special and unique and establish that to enable others recognise it and associate themselves with it (and you). Also identify opportunities and people (the who’s and whats) that you also would like to be associated with. Those who have what you lack or admire. Spot the advantage, pin-point where/how you can be of value to them and make positive moves for synergy.

G- Give:

Give something meaningful. Be generous. Offer kindness, provide help, donate or contribute your time, resources, connections, expertise, knowledge… anything that takes you from self-serving to genuinely serving others.

Remember, nobody was ever honored or rewarded for what they took or received, people are only honored for what they give freely. And givers NEVER lack.

N- Network:

Build strong and healthy connections. Interact with others in helpful exchanges. Create authentic relationships and develop special interest in others, their success and their wellbeing. While networking helps to provide opportunities for connections and collaboration, don’t be a user.

In networking – your interest should be genuine. Be an asset to others, and not a liability.

Understand the value of belonging to communities of influence and contribute to encourage closer ties, and inspire others to reciprocate.

To Your Greatness,
As always, I’m rooting for you.

Alex Okoroji


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