Across the world opposition is an integral part of the Democratic system that ensures that leaders are kept in check, it is the duty of the opposition to ensure that leaders do not drift into totalitarianism.

Well-meaning and honest leaders do not display anger at the words of the opposition but rather use them to make corrections and reposition their policy drive.

Over time Governor Alex Otti has proven his inability to accept, with equanimity, constructive criticisms of their administrations’ wrong policies, utterances, and actions.

It is very unfortunate that Governor Otti, who gleefully criticized and condemned every action of the Ikpeazu administration no matter how well-intentioned and also sponsored and supported invectives on his person and family in the guise of playing opposition, would now not want to condone criticisms.

In keeping with my constitutional rights of scrutinizing the actions and policies of the government as a measure to hold them to account, I have remained very measured, decent, mature, and constructive in my criticism.

It is therefore, a sign of desperation and an attempt to shut down opposition voices by sending your representatives to my community to demand that the Ohuhu council of traditional rulers should prevail on me to stop criticizing your government and where I insist that I should be stripped of the Traditional title of IKEMBA OHUHU if Ohuhu people want to benefit from your government, though this is not surprising because I have been receiving several threat messages from your obsequious followers and minions warning me to stop criticizing your government.

This is not only an exhibition of despotic tendencies but an act of desperation and pettiness taken a bit too far.

In my life I have never succumbed to intimidation or blackmail and have never been moved by titles, position, or even money, I live my convictions, and that’s who I am

Even in my criticisms I have evidenced great respect for your person and the exalted office of the governor unlike your minions, supporters, and aides who made raining abuses on Former Governor Ikpeazu and his family their favourite past time who also wake up every morning to make a caricature of President Tinubu and call him all manner of names.

All I have demanded and will continue to ask of Governor Otti, is for him to live up to his campaign promises, stop increasing poverty and hardship by sacking civil servants, and let there be transparency and accountability in his government.

I will continue to remind you my governor that you campaigned with pensioners and promised to offset their pension arrears and abandon them after you got into office.

where is the Ministry Of Aba that you campaigned with?

I will continue to demand that you give an account of Local Government Allocations since you assumed office and there is no local government administration in place.

Why are you not telling Abians how much the state makes monthly in IGR?

I will keep asking that you secure the lives and properties of Abians because we have never seen this level of insecurity since the creation of the state.

My Governor I must continue to remind you that it is irresponsible of someone holding public trust to ask his citizens to go and HIT THEIR HEADS ON THE WALL if they don’t accept your personal decision.

Sir, it is my duty as a citizen to applaud you when you do the right things and at the same time critique your government when things are not being done satisfactorily, and I will continue to do so even as I wish you well.

But please you and your representatives should perish the thought of any attempt to intimidate or suppress my voice, it is never going to work

In case you are not aware, so long as you do not have control over my life and you are not God, I Uche Aguoru will not fear you but will accord you and your office the deserved respect.

Writes From Umuahia


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