The Legal Adviser to Abia State Association, United Kingdom Barrister Favour Chiemrie Nzeanochie, has advised Governor Alex Chioma Otti, OFR to factor Abians living in diaspora into his agenda as they have so many things to contribute towards the growth and prosperity of the State.

In an interactive session with some media organisations, Barr. Nzeanochie who is a former Project Supervisor for the United Nations in Europe, revealed that the contribution of Abians in diaspora is huge in terms foreign direct investments, foreign currency transfers, infrastructural development and even skill transfer.

The UK-certified lawyer explained that what Abia State Government needs is a coordinated channel via which Abians in diaspora can be encouraged to invest at home, can be enticed with incentives and be assured of transparence.

“Most of the Abians I have met here are deeply interested in investing at home, they are interested in contributing to the growth in Abia, they are interested in transferring their skills, they are interested in charity works, but the major challenge has been the transparence of successive governments and the people they appoint to interface with diasporas

“Gov. Otti needs to take a completely different pathway. We need to energize the Diaspora Commission in Abia State, we need to make it very transparent. The transparency will attract Abians back home to invest.

“The governor must make sure he gets someone who has the sagacity, who has the legal knowledge and has experience in the leadership of Abians in diaspora as his aide. This will help him effectively coordinate Abians in Diaspora, persuade them to investment back home, get them involved in the leadership of the state, get them involved in charity work back home and involved in skill transfer”.

She further revealed that a lot of them are interested in establishing industries, investing in the medical facilities, investing in real estate, investing in the hospitality industry and so many other businesses that will great massive employment if the government can open up channels to protect investment and make investment easy.

“A lot of Abians in diaspora are finding it very difficult to get C of O’s for their properties, they are finding it difficult to get authorization for the projects and including security for their investments. The government needs to resolve these issues and they will be surprised the level of investment Abians will bring back home”

“We in the diaspora can attract other foreigners to come to Abia State and invest if the government get these basic things right”

When asked whether she will be interested in contributing her quota to the government if called upon to serve, she had this to say;

“Why not, I contested in the last election because of my interest to represent my people at the House of Representatives. I left my comfort zone here in the UK just like Gov. Otti did some years ago. I contested and later threw my weight behind Gov. Alex Otti. So, I am ready to serve my people, especially Abians in diaspora.

“I have the skill set; I have the experience and the competence”. She concluded.


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