The Ohuhu Stakeholders Forum of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has after a very extensive review and consideration of the activities leading to, during, and after the 2023 general elections hereby condemn in strong terms the continuous attempts by Hon. Kingsley Megwara to demarket our party and disparage its leadership.

It has also become imperative that we the stakeholders openly condemn and distance ourselves from the shameful, and unpatriotic comments in so many media channels with the aim of demarketing not just the party but our governorship candidate before, during, and after the 2023 governorship election by Chief Kingsley Onyemachi Megwara.

Despite being a member of the PDP, Megwara has publicly campaigned against the party and its governorship candidate an action which constitutes a clear breach of the party’s principles of loyalty, recently acting in his capacity as the stakeholders secretary Megwara called on the PDP in Ohuhu not to hold meetings or show solidarity with the party until such a time that all the litigations in court will be dispensed and judgment obtained this is clearly a ploy to discourage our members from standing strong with the PDP at this time, we are very much aware of his romance with the Labour Party and we urge our members not to heed to such deceitful call by a double agent.

While urging all supporters of the PDP in Ohuhu to remain steadfast and committed as the party battles to reclaim our mandates in court we are also not unmindful of compromised and insincere characters in our midst who have turned themselves into willing tools in the hands of the opposition even as we pursue our matters in court.

We want Abians and the PDP to know that the unpatriotic activities of Chief Megwara do not have the support of the Ohuhu PDP stakeholders and we are using this medium to condemn in totality such acts of unpatriotism while calling on the party to institute disciplinary action against Chief Kingsley Megwara.

Hon. Clement Onyeoziri foremost Constituency Leader.

H/Chief Uche Aguoru

For Ohuhu PDP Stake holders

P.D.P …… Power To The People


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