Umunnem Ndi Abia,

On this momentous occasion of the 32nd anniversary of creation of our dear state, it gives me immense joy to convey unquantifiable felicitation to the hard working, peace loving people of Abia.

After 32 years of corporate existence, it is proper that we recognize and celebrate the indomitable spirit of enterprise that courses through the veins of our people. The unique enterprising nature of Abians has not only distinguished us but has also left an indelible mark on the broader Nigerian and global landscape.

Our sState, known as “God’s Own State,” holds within its heart a legacy of ingenuity, resourcefulness, and innovation that has propelled us to the forefront of various industries.

The enterprising Abia spirit is deeply rooted in our history, beginning with our forebears who embraced trade and craftsmanship, creating a vibrant marketplace that attracted attention from near and far.

Today, we see this spirit manifested in our entrepreneurs, artisans, and creators who have carved out niches in fashion, manufacturing, commerce, and technology. The bustling streets of Aba, with its thriving trade and manufacturing hubs, stand as a testament to the tenacity and creative brilliance of our people.

In the face of challenges, Abians have consistently demonstrated an ability to adapt, innovate, and overcome. Our artisans and craftsmen produce goods that are sought after not only within our borders but across the globe. The popular “Aba Made” brand is a badge of quality and resilience that embodies the essence of who we are.

Therefore, as we commemorate this anniversary, let us not only celebrate our achievements but also acknowledge the path breakers, the risk-takers, and the innovators who continue to shape our state’s destiny. Let us stand united in our commitment to nurturing an environment that fosters creativity, supports budding entrepreneurs, and empowers our youths to dream big and pursue their aspirations.

In the spirit of “Igwebuike” let us collaborate and cooperate, sharing knowledge and resources, so that the flames of innovation continue to burn brightly, lighting the way for future generations.

I urge each one of us to embrace the values of unity and harmony that define our great state. It is by standing together, regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs, that we can truly move forward and build a brighter future for generations to come.

Though we have not yet attained the full measure of the good aspirations of such Abia founding fathers as Dr Michael Okpara, Dr Anagha Ezeikpe and Nze P.O.P Ogbonna, all of blessed memory, there is no doubt that the future holds a lot of promise for our state and the people. I therefore encourage us to keep hope alive while praying fervently for our leaders.

Happy Anniversary to Abia State, a land of enterprise, invention, and unwavering determination!

Happy Anniversary Umunnem!

Prof. Gregory Ibe,PhD, OFR ( Enyi Abia),
Member, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Presidential Advisory Council.


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