Members of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) have extended their warmest congratulations to their esteemed President, Mr. Camillus Ukah, on the momentous occasion of his 60th birthday celebration. Recognizing his outstanding qualities, ANA applauds his remarkable dedication to the writers’ community, fostering unity, and propelling the growth of ANA throughout the nation.

In a heartfelt message of goodwill penned by the ANA General Secretary, Maik Ortserga, the Association expresses deep gratitude to the divine for blessing Camillus Ukah with a life filled with purpose. ANA also commends his unwavering commitment to service and acknowledges his invaluable contributions to the advancement of ANA.

During Camillus Ukah’s presidency, he has accomplished a multitude of significant projects, solidifying his reputation as a remarkable achiever and one of the most successful Presidents in ANA’s history. Through his unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements, he has become widely recognized as a great leader who has made a lasting impact on the association.

ANA expresses deep joy in honoring a man who has consistently exhibited tremendous energy and genuine concern for the peace, unity, and progress of the association. Camillus Ukah is revered as an exemplary leader, embodying qualities such as determination, loyalty, and an unwavering commitment to ANA and the broader book industry.

Under Camillus Ukah’s guidance, ANA has thrived, thanks to his steadfastness and visionary leadership. His tenure has witnessed the execution of numerous projects that have left a lasting impression on the association and its members. As a result, he has earned the well-deserved reputation as one of the most effective Presidents in ANA’s history, leaving an indelible mark on the organization’s legacy.

ANA sends forth sincere prayers to God, humbly requesting His divine intervention to expand the horizons of the celebrant, Camillus Ukah, and grant him enduring health, abundant blessings, and countless prosperous years ahead. The association fervently desires that Camillus Ukah’s steadfast guidance propels ANA towards unparalleled greatness, consistently igniting the spirits and strengthening the Nigerian authors it represents.

With unbounded joy, the Association of Nigerian Authors extends heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Camillus Ukah once again on this momentous occasion. As he commemorates this special milestone, ANA wishes him a jubilant celebration surrounded by cherished loved ones. His remarkable leadership and unwavering commitment to the literary community remain a source of inspiration and encouragement for all members of ANA, fostering a sense of collective empowerment and drive.

In expressing their congratulations, the association fervently hopes that Camillus Ukah’s profound influence will endure, acting as a beacon that guides ANA towards new heights of excellence. By continually inspiring and uplifting Nigerian authors, his unwavering dedication and exceptional leadership illuminate the path that ANA treads, fueling the collective spirit and empowering the vibrant literary community of Nigeria.


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