In a bold move against alleged corruption and mismanagement, the people of Umuana Community in Ndume Ibeku, Umuahia, have ousted the erstwhile administration of the community said to be very notorious, led by Mr. Ngozi Onwumere.

According to members of the community, after enduring seven long years of maladministration, the community has spoken loudly and clearly with a vote of no confidence against the previous regime.

It was alleged that under the regime of Mr. Onwumere, generally considered to be despotic, community lands were unlawfully sold off and shared among a few individuals in the community and cultism thrived as a means of oppressing the community indigenes into submission, as lawlessness became pervasive.

It was further alleged that Mr. Onwumere and his clique were deeply involved in land racketeering, intimidation and suppression of the community voices, and his executive, widely regarded as unpopular, went as far as encroaching into substantial portions of lands belonging to Government College Umuahia, and the move attracted wide-spread condemnation in Abia State and beyond.

The Onwumere-led executive was also said to lack accountability and transparency, which worsened the plight of the residents, forcing the community to rise in total rejection of the old regime.

A new dawn has thus begun in Umuana, as the ‘interim government’ led by Mr. Ngozi Onwumere has been roundly rejected and dissolved by the people of Umuana, ushering in a team of dedicated individuals committed to restoring honour and integrity to the community,

In the light of the foregoing, Mr. Friday Ohaeri and Emmanuel Ebogu have been popularly chosen as co-chairmen of a Caretaker Committee, with Mr. Chimechefulam Ukaegbu as Secretary, and Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Okafor in a pivotal role.

Their mission is basically to rebuild Umuana from the ground up, with strict emphasis on transparency, accountability and rule of law.

An electoral committee has also been formed to ensure a swift and just electoral process within three months.

A community leader who spoke on the condition of anonymity told newsmen that “The people have reclaimed their voices, and the wind of change and relief blows strong through the hamlets of Umuana Ndume Ibeku. Gone are the days of primitive land racketeering, lawlessness and sponsorship of violence. The community is prepared to chart a new course towards justice and prosperity.”


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