The Abia State Police Command, in collaboration with local government authorities, recently conducted inspections of volatile areas in an effort to enhance security measures across the state. As part of our comprehensive crime prevention strategy, the Commissioner of Police CP Kenechukwu Onwuemelie psc, fwc, MNIM fdc, together with Mr. Victor Ikeji, Mayor of Umuahia North Local Government, undertook these crucial assessments.

During the inspections, the team focused on areas known to be hubs for criminal activities and drug peddling. Specifically, they visited the bicycle repair workshop behind Okigwe Park in Umuahia and the former Ohuhu motor park in the capital city of Abia. These locations have been identified as hotspots for illicit activities, posing significant challenges to public safety and security.

CP Kenechukwu emphasized the importance of transforming these volatile areas into productive spaces for the benefit of the community. By reclaiming these spaces from criminal elements, the state can foster a safer environment conducive to economic growth and development. This proactive approach aligns with our commitment to ensuring the well-being and security of all residents in Abia State.

Abia State Police Command remains dedicated to collaborating with local government authorities and other stakeholders to implement effective security measures. By addressing root causes of crime and implementing strategic interventions.


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