On this special day dedicated to commemorating the sterling contributions of workers globally, I want to profoundly appreciate and celebrate the tireless, resilient and unwavering commitment of the Abia workforce to the sustenance and growth of our state.

While being an active participant in the acute global economic environment of the present times and in the consciousness of the stark realities of our current socio-economic challenges, I want to particularly single out the Abia worker for remaining resolutely committed to the ideals of hard work and perseverance that inspired the founding fathers of Ala Abia in laying the solid foundations upon which our state stands.

Let us in retrospect be inspired by the sterling contributions of our heroic founding workforce, who on arriving the motherland, were not deterred by the discouraging near absence of crucial public amenities but leveraged the famous Abia ‘never-say-die’ spirit of innovation, creativity and industry in setting out and subsequently building a thriving state.

Being convinced that the pioneer set of workers who kick-started operations in Abia post 27 August 1991 were instrumental to the collective achievements recorded so far, I plead with governments at state and local government levels to honour these heroes and heroines by immortalizing their memories through naming strategic public infrastructure after them.

Umunnem, going forward, I am confident that the indomitable spirit of the Abia worker will prevail over the current hurdles confronting us as a people.Your dedication and hard work are the cornerstone of our collective progress and prosperity. Let us therefore continue to work together, hand in hand, as we navigate the difficult road ahead, knowing for certainty that our worst days are behind us while brighter days are approaching speedily.

God bless Abia Workers!
God bless the creative hands of innovation and industry!!

Prof Gregory Ibe, PhD, OFR(Enyi Abi)
Founder, Gregory University Uturu,
Member Ohanaeze Ndigbo Presidential Advisory Council


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