Comrade (Nze) Okey Paul Nwankwo is the President of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Abia State Chapter. He doubles as President of the Council of State Chapter Presidents and has played significant roles in the administration of the apex Igbo socio-cultural organization.

He had been a front line leader of the Organization prior to his emergence as the Abia State Chapter President and he has served under two Presidents-General, the late Ambassador George Obiozor and, currently, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu (Ahaejiagamba).

Comrade Okey Paul Nwankwo

Comrade Nwankwo is of the strong opinion that Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu’s tenure has been a remarkable turning point for Ohaneze Ndigbo. He is convinced that Chief Iwuanyanwu is strategically repositioning Ohaneze Ndigbo to continue serving the interests of the Igbo Nation even more effectively. He therefore calls on all Igbos to keep supporting Chief Iwuanyanwu in his relentless drive towards building Ohaneze Ndigbo and Igbo land to the highest levels of development.

Here are the top 10 reasons he has listed for which all Igbos should continue to support Chief Iwuanyanwu’s administration:

  1. Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu (Ahaejiagamba) is deeply committed to the objectives of uniting the Igbo nation and uplifting Igbo land in terms of physical, soco-economic and human development.
  2. Chief Iwuanyanwu is the father of the Igbo nation today, and as a true father figure, he is passionate about the success of his children.
  3. Ahaejiagamba is a towering figure, well known and respected across Nigeria. He has deployed his enormous goodwill and friendships to serve the interests of Igbo land
  4. His social and political connections within and outside Igbo land and Nigeria are at the highest levels. His name opens doors. He is personifies the quality of leadership that Igbo land essentially needs at this point in history.
  5. Chief Iwuanyanwu is a true democrat. He understands that he is leading Ohaneze with a team of dynamic minds that are mostly younger than he is. He does not impose his will or opinion on others, but allows everyone to contribute to management processes. He carries everyone along.
  6. He loves youths. Most of his policies regarding the future of Ohaneze and Igbo land are centered on youth development and the empowerment of youths to play leading roles in moving the Igbo nation forwards.
  7. In spite of his towering personality, is humble and unassuming. In his approach to repositioning Ohaneze, he is vigorously taking his message of ‘Igwe bu ike’ and ‘Aku ruo ulo’ to all nooks and crannies of Igbo land, including the diaspora, to inspire Igbo sons and daughters to contribute to the process of rebuilding Igbo land physically and psychologically, following the long term effects of a devastating civil war.
  8. Chief Iwuanyanwu is not an ethnic bigot. He is a detribalized statesman that respects cultural diversity. He has made a distinction between ethnic bigotry which he condemns, and ethnic nationalism which he believes is the foundation of true patriotism.
  9. As a renowned business magnet and successful serial entrepreneur, Chief Iwuanyanwu understands the peculiar socio-economic needs of the South East especially in the areas of trade and commerce. He is working vigorously to ensure that public and private sector policies on trade and commerce are periodically reviewed to accommodate necessary changes that would facilitate the economic well-being of the Igbo nation. This why he threw his weight behind the establishment of a UK Visa Centre in Enugu as well as other unfolding initiatives such as the Domestic Export Zone, Umuahia, the Council of Igbo Business Leaders and the Presidential Committee on Agriculture.
  10. Chief Iwuanyanwu is practically involved and leading the campaign in most cases, to restore peace and security in the South East. He understands that without peace and adequate security of lives and property, no meaningful development milestones can be achieved. He therefore calls on all Igbo sons and daughters to embrace peace and function within the ambit extant laws of the Nigerian Federation. He particularly enjoins youth leaders, traditional rulers and political leaders to make the promotion of peace and security their top priorities. He also encourages law enforcement agencies to continue to put in their best accordingly. Let us therefore continue to support our amiable President-General, Ahaejiagamba Ndi Igbo, Chief (Dr) Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, to help us actualize our desire of a vibrant, united and prosperous Igbo land, and Nigeria.


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