The Nigeria Labour Congress has paid glowing tribute to its former President and former Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole on the occasion of his 71st birthday anniversary.

In a statement dated April 5, 2023 the NLC President, Comrade Joe Ajero remarked that the history of Labour movement in Nigeria would be incomplete without due acknowledgement of the roles played by Comrade Oshiomhole.

Here is the full text of the statement:


The history of the trade union movement in Nigeria cannot be complete without remembering the exploits and contributions of comrade Adams Oshiomhole, our former President, former General Secretary of the NUTGWN, past governor of Edo state, past national Chairman of the All Progressive Congress of Nigeria (APC) and currently a Senator-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The month of April, especially the 4th day reminds all of us at the NLC of the robust and vibrant leadership that was his eight year tenure in the Congress.

His past legacy and continuing imprints endure with us both as workers in Nigeria and as trade unions at all levels. His birthday therefore brings to the fore his contributions to our various engagements with the social partners through the various social dialogue mechanisms both locally and internationally.

Comrade Adams has truly represented the movement vigorously and brilliantly in these various capacities and we are sure that he will continue to be our voice and that of the people in the 10th Senate.

The NLC uses this opportunity to wish one of our great leaders who continues to demonstrate his love for Nigerian workers and Nigerian people a happy birthday and more glorious and fruitful years ahead.

While we wish him well, we urge him to see in this year’s celebration an opportunity to deepen his service to Nigerian workers and people. Our voices which he expressly champions need to resonate at the National Assembly to expand and deepen our engagement with the nation’s governance framework.

As we celebrate this milestone which the age of 71 signifies, Congress extends its hands of fellowship to him and pledges to stand by him in his life’s journey.

Congratulations, Comrade President and happy birthday from all of us at the NLC and from all Nigerian workers!

Comrade Joe Ajaero
NLC President


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