Mazi Osita Iheme MFR also known as Pawpaw, a peaceful, accomplished and globally celebrated Nigerian has been an advocate for unity, peace and stability in Nigeria over the years. He has been actively engaging with various platforms to promote unity and understanding among different groups in the country. His efforts have been focused on fostering dialogue and finding common ground for the betterment of all Nigerians.

During the 2023 general election, Mazi Osita Iheme was seen engaging with various media personalities, including those associated with IPOB. His interactions were open, devoid of any misgiving and clearly aimed at understanding different perspectives and promoting peaceful coexistence. His willingness to engage with diverse voices demonstrates his commitment to inclusivity and understanding.

Recently, Mazi Osita Iheme was invited by the Nigerian military to participate in a social media seminar in Aba, Abia State. His participation in the seminar was a reflection of his desire to contribute positively to the media landscape and promote responsible communication. His intention was to share his insights and promote constructive dialogue, in line with his advocacy for peace and stability in Nigeria.

Mazi Osita Iheme’s engagement with the seminar was a genuine effort to bridge communication gaps and promote understanding. His actions were not driven by ulterior motives, but rather by a sincere desire to contribute to the discourse in a constructive and meaningful way.

As a patriotic Nigerian, Mazi Osita Iheme remains committed to advocating for the rights and well-being of all Nigerians. His efforts are focused on promoting unity, understanding, and peaceful coexistence, and he continues to work assiduously towards a better future for the country.

The Nigerian Army salutes Mazi Osita Iheme’s contributions to the pursuit of unity, peace and stability in Nigeria.

Major General
Director Army Public Relations
26 April 2024


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