A frontline socio-cultural organisation, the Indigenous People of Aba Ngwa (IPAN) has taken a swipe at Governor Alex Otti over what it described as ‘wicked and hateful exclusion’ of the indigenous people of Aba North in the appointment of the TC Chairmen and Deputies.

Expressing strong indignation through a release signed by its top officials and made available to the media, the Group said, “We are, to say the least, rudely shocked and utterly disappointed that Governor Alex Otti is hatefully and wickedly pushing the indigenous people of Aba into extinction. He has demonstrated this once again by willfully ensuring that Aba North does not get any slot in his choice of TC Chairmen and their Deputies.

“We do not have any personal issues with Chief John Udeagbala, whom he has reportedly appointed as the TC Chairman of Aba North, nor do we harbour any animosity against his person. We are only concerned about his choice as the TC Chairman of Aba North.To add insult to injury, the Deputy TC Chairman, Prince Nnaemeka, is from Obingwa. This totally forecloses the chances of an indigene in the running of the affairs of the Local Government.

“Is Governor Alex Otti saying that Aba-Ngwa North (Aba North) does not have anybody qualified to be the LG TC Chairman or Deputy, or is he trying to say we no longer exist in our ancestral land anymore?

“This is in addition to the fact that Aba South is represented by a non-Indigene in the State Executive Council because to Governor Alex Otti, no indigene of Aba South is qualified to be appointed a Commissioner, not to talk of the lopsidedness in the appointment of aides and heads of some Agencies.

“In his constitution of the leadership of management committees of the markets in Aba, Governor Otti also deliberately excluded Aba indigenes. Isn’t this the height of ethnic hate? Isn’t it a recipe for crisis? The Governor should not take the peaceful nature of the indigenous Aba people as cowardice!

“Aba North deserves the position of Chairman just like any other Local Government. To give both TC Chairmanship and Deputy to non-indegens shows total lack of respect and regard for Aba Ngwa North indigenes. It does not, and will never go down well with us.

“Traditional and religious leaders, Abia elders, thought leaders, Speaker Emma Emeruwa, and all men of good conscience should kindly intervene to correct this anomaly before it degenerates into crisis, and call Governor Alex Otti to order. Enough of this hate and marginalization!”


Hon. Chitua Nwagba, Former Aba North Councillor and Supervisor for Works

Arch. Chinedu Ahuruonye, Secretary, Aba Ngwa Peoples Congress

Greg Ugboaja ( BOT Chairman Aba Ngwa People’s Forum)


November 27, 2023


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