The Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is very hard at work. Whether you like it or not, the new EFCC is busy fighting corruption all over Nigeria! Very soon, Nigeria will be totally corruption free. See the way they are chasing after Yaya Bello, the once very powerful and flamboyant governor of Kogi State. He seems to be running all over the place. Yaya Bello?!

At the speed of light, EFCC has locked up Bobrisky, the guy-gal who made heads turn at every hot party. My confusion is that Risky was not locked up for cross dressing for which he deserves to be in the Guinness Book (some will say, of Bad Records). He was not locked up for money laundering. I hear that the socially powerful Bob Risky was jailed for spraying money at parties!

OMG! Ricky’s spraying must have completely corrupted the Nigerian economy. Very badly too! Can’t you see the way the price of everything has been going crazy – Dollar, Fuel, NEPA, Rice, Beans, Garri and everything else. It is all the fault of Bob Riscky! The heat from Bobrisky’s hot parties also spread nonsensically all over the country, making the place too hot for anybody to sleep or stay awake. He had to be jailed very-very fast to save the country from ruin. Now that Risky is down, I hope everything will come back to normal. But why only six months? They want him to come out soon and just finish whatever is left of the economy?

I am sure that you have heard that after dragging Cubana Chief Priest to court for spraying, the EFCC is negotiating with him. Who told the EFCC that the Chief Priest ‘sprays’ money? He does not. He ‘bundles’ it in big raps. Maybe, if he changes the venue of his currency transfer business from the parties he loves, to more private and confidential venues, there will be peace and stability in the economy.

I have been told by someone who is very angry at the way Bobrisky has been treated that it is wrong for anyone to say that Risky has been working against the Brotherhood. According to him, the great Bob has been fighting to recover what the Brotherhood has lost to women! Asked my guy, “how many women do you see wear skirts or dresses anymore? They are all decked up in trousers, jeans, even torn jeans. They have taken over everything that belongs to men. If that is not cross dressing, tell me what is? Can’t you see that women are no longer satisfied with who they are? They are contesting to become governors and even presidents to rule over men. They don’t even want to get married anymore and be under men. They are proud to tell you that they are single mothers! What Bobrisky has done is to invade their territory and tell them that what a woman can do, a man can do better! Can’t you see that?”

I have googled and searched without success. I truly need help. Please what law gives the EFCC the power to arrest people and jail them for spraying the Naira? I hope that very soon EFCC will not start arresting people for not paying their rents or giving chop money to their wives.

You need a calculator to understand how many charges the EFCC has against the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emiefele. In the war against corruption, they keep filing, withdrawing and filing charges against him. If he were to be found guilty of all the charges, he may need his great-great grand- children to serve the prison terms on his behalf. I just checked the few Naira notes I have in my hands. Most of them still have the signature of Godwin Emiefele. I just wonder. If the man whose signature is on the money we all spend, is such a big fraud and con artiste, no wonder the money has no value. It is fake!

As I watch the EFCC bare its muscles all over the place, I remember one Ibrahim Magu? By the way, where is he? Magu was powerful, so powerful. The Nigerian senate which has the constitutional powers to confirm or reject his appointment as Chairman of EFCC, twice refused to confirm him but it did not matter. Magu became bigger than the constitution and for five years, based on some twisted logic, bestrode the nation as “Acting Chairman” of the EFCC! He arrested who wished and locked up who he could.

On Monday, July 6, 2020, Ibrahim Magu woke up, took his bath, knotted one of his many fancy ties and dressed up in his usual well chosen western suit and set out on the streets of Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. If anyone had told him as he was leaving home that someone born of a woman would have the audacity to block his convoy and order him to change his direction, I am almost certain that Ibrahim Magu would have laughed in the person’s face and probably told the person that he was drinking a very bad variant of ‘ogogoro’.

When Magu woke up that Monday morning, he was one of the most powerful men in Nigeria. Everyone, big or small, trembled at the mention of his name. He could order the arrest of anyone, detain anyone and using the enormous instruments under his control, send anyone to jail. After all, he was the Head of EFCC, the Czar of President Buhari’s anti-corruption fight, the fulcrum of Buhari’s presidency.

On July 6, 2020, in a commando style, Ibrahim Magu was waylaid on his way from the EFCC Formella Street office in Abuja, and forced to go to Aso Rock Villa, to face a previously unknown presidential panel set up to investigate Magu’s tenure and an alleged massive ‘magu-magu’ in the EFCC. In a twist of fate, the hunter became the hunted.

Magu who was reported to live in luxury in a house rented at that time with the incredible sum of N40m and furnished with N43m is said to have spent the night of his arrest sleeping on bare chairs at the Louis Edet Police Headquarters in Abuja.

In the morning of July 6, 2020, Magu was a powerful man. In the evening, he was a powerless man.

In my time, I have watched a lot of men deploy power. Many seem to think that the power they wield is permanent and belongs to them. They do not get it that the power belongs to the office they occupy, the uniform they wear or the chair they sit on and that it can disappear in a fleeting moment. Some understand power to mean the ability to punish or subjugate others rather than the ability to uplift and put a smile on the faces of others.

Did Yahaya Bello not have power? Did Bobrisky not have power? Did Emefiele not have power? Did Magu not have power? Of course, the people presently running the EFCC have power. I continue to pray for them and the work they are doing to rid Nigeria of corruption.


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