Yet again, the kalabari boy threw the Nation under a rickety bus and snookered himself to a corner.

Asari’s aversion against Ndigbo, is most
abominable, abhorrent, repugnant; invidious, and condemnable.

It is not surprising that Asari’s beastly disposition is emboldened, since his adventure to the Presidential Villa

Asari, in his diatribes, threw caution to the wind and lunched the most vicious verbose against Ndigbo this time, in his home.

Yet, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still languishing in DSS underground cell, after his extraordinary rendition, under the most inhumane condition in 2021 from Kenya.

What a travesty!

As at today, the embattled IPOB leader and other Igbo youths are still in the custody of the Department of State Services and sister security agencies (DSS), standing trial for terrorism and sundry offenses which of course is in furtherance of ethnic cleansing of IGBOS.

IGBO traders in Alaba International market is a most recent case.

NDIGBO, seems to be under siege in a country that rightly belongs to all of us. No wonder, a nattering vagabond like Asari is audacious enough to brandishing guns as a willingness to massacre IGBOS.

The Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide (Youth Wing), views the refusal of the DSS to nab and have him face justice as an affront and an invitation to anarchy.

Unfortunately, despite, several calls and overtures by well respected eminent Statesmen of Igbo extraction, pleading for the immediate release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on health ground, the Nigeria State has turned deaf ears and continued their unconstitutional trial which is yielding no position result.

In a twist of State sponsored conspiracy, ethnic irredentists, like Asari Mujahid Melford Dokubo ;a cold blooded brute and his cohorts masquerading as “freedom fighters”, are venerated by the Nigeria State.

It is noteworthy, that nation building is not anchored on parochialism, but strict adherence to rule of law, justice and equity.

Ndigbo are great and enterprising tribe. They are peace loving and irreversibly committed to the ethos of progressive trajectory and nation building.

Therefore, we hereby, demand the immediate arrest of Asari Mujahid Melford Dokubo by the Department of Security Services. Immediately!

A stitch in time saves nine.


Mazi Chika Art Adiele
National Publicity Secretary Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide Youth Wing.


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