Gregory University Uturu, a premier private university in Nigeria known for its commitment to innovative education, has announced a substantial pay raise for its staff, effective from February 1, 2024.
In a move to tackle the current economic downturn in Nigeria, the academic staff will receive a 15% pay increase, while the non-academic staff will benefit from a 20% raise.

This decision, announced by the university’s Founder, Prof. Gregory Ibe, is a strategic step to alleviate the financial challenges faced by the staff amidst the economic climate in Nigeria. “Our dedicated staff is the foundation upon which our university’s success is built,” said Prof. Ibe. “In these challenging times, it is crucial that we support our team not just in words, but in meaningful action.

Gregory University Uturu, at the forefront of educational innovation in Nigeria, recognizes the importance of its human resources in achieving its mission of providing top-tier education. This pay raise is an investment in the university’s commitment to excellence and a reflection of its ethos of care and support for its community. It is also a way of appreciating the workforce for their sacrificial commitment and dedication
to the development of the institution since inception.

The increase in salaries for both academic and non-academic staff is a significant step in ensuring that the university continues to attract and retain the best talent in the educational sector. It also demonstrates the university’s understanding of the current economic pressures and its readiness to support its staff through these times.

“We believe that by supporting our staff, we are strengthening our university’s ability to provide the best educational experience for our students,” Prof. Ibe added. “This pay raise is a testament to our commitment to our staff and our students alike.”

It will be recalled that in a bid to mitigate the challenging realities of the harsh economic environment of 2023, Prof Ibe has directed the implementation of many welfare interventions, including distribution of food items and salary bonuses.

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Ebubechi Iwuh,
Ag. Public Relations Officer


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