As we celebrate this year’s Children’s and Youth Day, I want to acknowledge and appreciate the boundless potential, creativity, and resilience that each young Abian embodies. Indeed they are the future leaders, innovators, and change-makers of our great state and nation.

Therefore, as they mark this special day, I urge them to stay committed to their goals, remain open to learning and growth, and continue to inspire positive change in their different communities.

In line with the theme of this year’s celebration,”Protecting the Nigerian Child from the Dangers of Online Technology”, I want to encourage young Abians to be circumspect about their internet activities, applying wisdom and tact in chosing and picking which sites and social media platforms to interact with.

I also enjoin appropriate government MDAs to enact and implement relevant cyber security policies geared towards protecting our young people from the nefarious activities of internet bullies, scammers and phishing attacks.

Together, let us all continue to explore and articulate strategies that can help safeguard our children against the myriad risks associated with our increasingly digital lifestyles.

As the full embodiment of the aspirations and promise of a greater and better Abia, I encourage Abia youths to keep shining, keep striving, knowing that they have the support and belief of the older generations ahead of them.

Happy Children’s and Youth Day to Every Abia Young Person!

Prof Gregory Ibe, PhD, OFR, (Enyi Abia)
Founder, Gregory University Uturu, Member Ohanaeze Ndigbo Presidential Advisory Council


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