The Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC), a non-governmental organization, has issued a strong warning to Nigerians against emulating the recent anti-tax protest model adopted by Kenyans.

Chairman of the CCC Board of Trustees, Maj-Gen Chris Olukolade, conveyed this warning while presenting the centre’s Conflict Trends Analysis (CTA) for the second quarter on Monday in Abuja.

Olukolade expressed concern over the tactics of those suggesting the replication of Kenya’s recent anti-tax crisis in Nigeria. He stated that some believe such protests would compel the government to address current economic challenges.

However, he emphasized that while the right to protest is constitutionally guaranteed, any form of destructive and violent protest should be avoided.

He asserted that the Kenyan experience should not be considered a democratic model for Nigeria.

“Violence has no redeeming quality, and any action leading to violence and destruction should be discouraged,” Olukolade said.

He highlighted that Nigeria is already grappling with various internal security challenges and calls for violent protests would only provide opportunities for criminals to cause mayhem, destroy public property, and jeopardize peaceful existence.

Reflecting on the aftermath of the ‘EndSARS’ protests, Olukolade urged the youth to reject actions that could lead to crises and destruction in the country. He also called on the government to proactively address the prevailing challenges to reduce tension in the polity, noting the centre’s deep concern over the rising unrest in some regions.


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