‘A literary triumph for women in media, journalism’

Abuja, Nigeria, April 19 2024 – LightRay! Media, a leading name in media, journalism and publishing is thrilled to announce the approval of the ground-breaking book ‘Distortion’ by acclaimed international multi-award winning communications specialist, writer, journalist, trainer and facilitator, Ejiro ‘LadyE’ Umukoro. Umukoro is a recipient of the Distinguished Changemaker Award from the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM), has penned a compelling narrative in ‘Distortion’ that transcends borders and resonates with readers worldwide.

The book ‘Distortion’, listed on the recommended textbooks for Senior Secondary Schools (SS1-3) for literature in English for the first term, was signed by the Director of Education Research Centre, Kelly N. Kentoa, under the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Asaba, Delta State.

Lady Ejiro Umukoro

‘Distortion’ is a captivating work that delves into the human mind and challenges taboos around the Osu caste system, widowhood, baby-making factories, child trafficking, gender-based violence and the issues of mental health in a society that does not protect its own.

Set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s rich cultural belief systems, politics, religion, and family values, ‘Distortion’ is based on Umukoro’s experiences as an investigative journalist and media mentor. ‘Distortion’ weaves together narratives of the individual against the state, a society verging on dysfunctionality and strewn with landmines, and ultimately the determination and quest for personal survival and self-fulfilment. Umukoro’s prose, style, and depth of subject matter invite readers to explore global themes of mental wellbeing, belief systems, and choices in the pursuit of happiness, wealth, and relevance.

The Delta State Ministry of Education’s endorsement of ‘Distortion’ marks a significant milestone for Umukoro, the Delta-born award-winning investigative journalist, whose literary prowess has come to the fore with this novel. As part of the approved curriculum for secondary school students across Nigeria, this literary gem will inspire a generation of young minds to become critical thinkers who are empowered with knowledge on how to critique and not become victims of other people’s whims and manipulation. This approval and inclusion in the school curriculum also reflect the ministry’s commitment to fostering awareness on issues of gender-based violence, child rights, human rights, and the global awareness of these and more among students.

Umukoro, a seasoned journalist, policy advocate, and storyteller, infuses every page of ‘Distortion’ with authenticity and depth that are rarely seen, which readers will find both inspiring and a call to action.

In a statement, Umukoro expresses gratitude, saying, “I was humbled and thrilled by the recognition and honoured that my work will now reach Nigerian classrooms. Children’s voices matter. They are an important demographic that deserves to be recognised, protected, and inspired to greatness.”

It would be recalled that it was through Ejiro Umukoro’s investigative report and exposè on how female students in Delta State were being aggressively recruited by cultists, that inspired the Delta State Government’s Ministry of Education to declare a state of emergency on the growing menace of cultism. With the proactive support of St. Patrick’s Church and principals in secondary schools across Delta State, alongside Umukoro, they were able to save over 150 teenagers, ages 11 to 17 years, from being recruited into cultism while ensuring that the young girls targeted are not used as rape victims for initiation rites.

Umukoro explains, “Growing up I experienced how literature of wide varieties can inspire thinking, ignite conversations, challenge prejudices, biases, intolerance, and stereotypes. It is my hope that ‘Distortion’ empowers students and adults alike to know that they have the power to say ‘No’ when they’re uncomfortable and have the courage to walk away from circumstances that diminish their worth as individuals.”

LightRay! Media through its LightRay! Books and Literary Society invites educators, parents and students to explore this remarkable literary achievement, whether in the classroom, in buses, on the train, at work, travelling by air or sea or during leisure times to enjoy reading every page of ‘Distortion’. The book will certainly ignite minds and alert hearts. It’s a worthy addition to Nigeria’s ever growing literary tradition of expanding the boundaries of thought.

About Ejiro ‘LadyE’ Umukoro

‘LadyE’ Ejiro Umukoro is a United States Agency for Global Media ChangeMaker Award Winner, a Pulitzer Centre Recognised Investigative Journalist, Fellow of African Women in Journalism Programme (ICFJ’s) Fellow, WanaData Code Africa South-South Champion, Fellow of Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative (REWON), and a multi-award winning broadcaster, journalist, cultural leader, trainer, mentor, communications expert (first and only Nigerian to win the British Council International Communications Entrepreneur Awards), and pioneer of Civic Intelligence in Nigeria. Umukoro is also the Executive Director/Publisher of LightRay Media, President of LightRay Books and Literary Society and Convener of LightRay Women in Media Leadership Summit for LightRay Media and Foundation Advocacy Initiative.

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