In response to the prevailing economic challenges arising from removal of Fuel Subsidy by the Federal Government, management of Gregory University Uturu has rolled out comprehensive palliative measures to cushion the effects of the policy on her staff members.

According to an internal official memo addressed to the university community and signed by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Augustine Uwakwe, “the development is the outcome of a special intervention by the Founder of the institution, Prof Gregory Ibe, aimed at supporting members of staff who have tirelessly contributed to the successes of the university”.

Professor Gregory Ibe, Chancellor, Gregory University Uturu

The palliative measures include:

  1. Transport Allowance Support-The university has approved the provision of special monthly transport allowances to all staff members for the next three months in the first instance.
  2. Provision of interest free loans to interested members of staff. Before now, such loans were only given to most vulnerable members of staff.
  3. Immediate distribution of free food items to all staff members. Before now, such largesse was only restricted to festive periods.
  4. Subsidized Transportation Services- To ease the financial burden of daily commuting, the provision of subsidized bus services has been introduced to enable conveyance of staff members to and from strategic locations and the university.
  5. Free Accommodation at the University Guest House for academic staff members from far locations to enable them to undertake conference marking of examination answer scripts and prepare results for the just concluded Rain Semester Examinations.

6.Free Feeding, including Food and Drinks at the University Canteen for all academic staff members involved in conference marking of the Rain Semester Examinations.

While contending that “this landmark decision reflects the commitment of the management to fostering a supportive and inclusive community of all its members”, the memo concludes by enjoining staff to reciprocate the gesture through enhanced commitment to their duties.

Ebubechi Iwuh,
Ag. PRO, Gregory University Uturu.
©️ Public Relations Unit, GUU


  1. Prof. Gregory Ibe has done something special to all his staff and heaven will reward him extremely in Jesus name Amen


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